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Efficient Leak Detection for Roofs in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Better Safe Than Sorry

Just like almost everything in life, roofs need regular upkeep. Even if your shingles are new, don’t take a chance that there may be a leak in the structure. Improper installation can be just as harmful to roofs as a storm. Relying only on visual examinations won’t cut it. Get a professional inspection today and get peace of mind knowing that you’re building is secure. 

Constant Vigilance

Secure your property’s safety by watching out for potential roofing problems. The earlier you spot the signs, the sooner you can get professional help to keep yourself out of danger. You’ll also save money by catching the issues before any serious, lasting destruction is done to the structure of your building. Keep an eye out for these indications of roof problems. 


Moisture in your home or office is a dangerous issue. Any sightings of it should be immediately handled by a professional. If you’ve noticed wet stains on your ceiling, it could be an indication that water is leaking into your building. This puts your building at risk for mold infestations, crushed insulation and structural damage.

Damaged or Missing Shingles

Damaged or missing shingles on your roof lead to serious problems. Without a complete, protective barrier, your building is exposed to the elements. If there is any place where the edges of your shingles are raised, water could be entering its seams. Getting shingles replaced quickly will ensure that the problem doesn’t spread any further. 


Houses naturally settle as they age, but sagging is a serious problem. If you’ve noticed warping in places on your roof, it is an indication that water has pooled in that area. This causes severe structural damage to your home or office. Underneath the external layers of your roof, there are risks of issues like compressed insulation or even a rotted or broken roof joist.

Our Roofing Expertise

At Conrad's Roofing, we have nearly 30 years of experience detecting leaks for the residential and commercial buildings of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Don’t risk your security. Get the help you need today, and get your building safe and securely covered.