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Putting Roofs Over Your Head Since 1990

Resilient Lifetime Shingles in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Put Your Trust in Experience

A durable roof gives you peace of mind. It ensures that your business, belongings and loved ones are safely covered. This makes getting a new roof a matter of trust. You trust that the roofing company knows what they’re doing and will deliver on their promises. Unfortunately, you’re often left needing to get another installation only a few years later because of insufficient work. Trust your roof's integrity with a team that guarantees quality materials and reliable maintenance. You’ll enjoy a safe home for years to come.

Guaranteeing Years of Quality

Getting lifetime shingles is an investment in financial security. It ensures that you will always have only the most reliable, long-lasting coverage over your head. If you ever notice defects on your shingles, we will provide you with replacements as soon as possible. Don’t take a chance on a warranty that doesn’t last. Get reliable roofing that guarantees protection for years. 

Architectural Shingles

Architectural shingles are specially built to last for decades. Often, roofing shingles are damaged by high winds because of the strain on their seams. But these shingles are made with an above-average thickness, which means that storms are less likely to damage them or rip them off your roof. Also, architectural shingles are manufactured in larger panels, a process that makes fewer seams, meaning fewer chances of leakage. The lower the number of seams your roof has, the more your building is protected from rain and gale damage.

Years of Installation Experience

At Conrad's Roofing, we have been installing lasting shingles since 1990. Our team will help you determine the best roofing for your property and install it with comprehensive attention to detail. Whether you’re building a new home or you want to upgrade your office, we can get you the help you need. Call now to get a free estimate and get shingles that will last the life of your home.