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Professional Reroofing in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Getting Qualified Help

A damaged roof is a dangerous situation. It is also not a project to tackle by yourself. Working at the height of a roof could lead to serious injury to you and your building. It takes professional equipment and expert workers to ensure that your building does not suffer further damage during the roof installation. Don’t live with the threat of the ceiling literally falling down around you. Get the support you need with a qualified, licensed roofing service.

Keeping an Eye Out

There are many indications that you might need a new roof. Some of them are harder to spot than others. Keeping a watch out for potential problems will help protect you from sustaining serious damage to your building. Save money by getting a professional roofer as soon as you see any of the signs below.

An Aging Roof

Sometimes your roof might need to be replaced simply because of its age. As a general rule, any roof over 20 years old should be replaced for safety reasons. Older shingles sustain natural damage over time, and they need to be upgraded before a more serious issue develops that could affect not only the roof but also the entire building.​

Curling or Missing Shingles

If you’ve noticed the shingles on your roof beginning to buckle, it is an indication that it’s time to hire a professional. Over time, shingles are worn down by constant exposure to the elements. If they are missing completely, your building is at risk for serious water damage. We advise that you pay close attention to your shingles so that you can catch any early warning signs.

​Seeing Daylight

This problem is a lot more evident and easier to spot. If you’ve recently been on your roof and noticed that it feels spongy or bouncy, it is an indication of internal damage. When the roof feels like this, the underlying decking has likely been weakened from moisture. Check your attic for daylight coming through the ceiling boards and get expert help immediately. 

Our Expert Team

At Conrad's Roofing, we are dedicated to serving Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the surrounding areas with reliable, efficient roof installations. Don’t wait to get the professional help you need. We’ll get the job done affordably, safely and thoroughly. Call our 24-hour emergency service to get help ASAP.